Corporate Social Responsibility

At Master Group, we ensure that our business developments do not come at the expense of the environment and local communities. Throughout the construction period of Master Wind Energy Limited, we have worked closely with locals insurrounding villages to understand their problems and provide sustainable solutions. Our focus areas include water supply, employment, education and community infrastructure.

Water Supply

The project site is located in a dry and barren region, with limited access to water. As a caring entity, we at Master Wind have taken on the responsibility of supplying clean water to surrounding villages of Haji Suliman Brohi, Arab Chang, Adam and Ali Khan through regular water tanker deliveries. To further facilitate the local residents, a sweet water hand pump was installed at Haji Suleman Village towards the end of 2015. In addition, two water storage tanks were constructed in Chang Villages in December 2015 and the following February 2016, two more water storage tanks were built for Chang Community. The rain water storage reservoir in Haji Suleman Brohi Village, was also rehabilitated on April 2016


The education facilities in the surrounding villages were less than satisfactory and were not suitable for a healthy environment for teaching and learning. In February 2016, we undertook the responsibility of improving the local school by hiring and training school teachers. Students were provided with benches & tables for their classrooms, while the teachers were provided with chairs. In addition, during March 2016, books and sweets were distributed among the school children to keep them motivated. In October 2016, significant repair work was performed on the school building.


Employment is a major issue facing the local population, and residents of the are often migrate to nearby cities in search of jobs. In order to improve the situation, we have ensured that over 50% of our required work force has been hired from the surrounding areas

Community Infrastructure

The terrain of Thatta district is mainly undeveloped and the number of roads, to access in or out of the area, are minimal. To improve the situation, we constructed an access road for the project site in December 2015. Furthermore, to improve the infrastructure of the area, a boundary wall of the local mosque was constructed and routine structural maintenance was completed.